Seeing red.

On a scale of one to really-fucking-petty, how bad is it if someone genuinely considers cutting out extended family who can’t seem to help themselves from gleefully proclaiming their support of Trump in spite of the vile things he continues to do and the havoc that he stands to personally wreak on their little family with his Supreme Court Pick? Asking for a friend….




2 thoughts on “Seeing red.

  1. We don’t even have a Trump in Canada and I’ve cut people out who hold repugnant political views. Would you be friends with someone who professed glee about drowning kittens or putting glass into sushi buffets? Maybe before you cut them off tell them how these policies impact you and your family. My uncle used to vote conservative for financial reasons and once when my dad was talking to him about the ‘other’ parts of the policy/platform, he mentioned that the conservative candidate was opposed to Same Sex Marriage. Uncle tried to reply with ‘yeah… but…’ And my proud Father said, ‘So, marriage is good enough for your kids but not my daughter?’ and got up, left the table…

    That same uncle attended our wedding and definitely doesn’t think his vote doesn’t matter when it comes to the social issues attached to a party. I know that’s a best-case scenario, but if you’re already willing to lose people and it’s hurting you to hear these things, they at least have the right to hear how their ‘awesome leader’ is hurting you. It makes it real for people.

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