Progesterone In Oil Shortage

I was fortunate to start this cycle with 2.5 bottles of PIO from our last cycle, and I am slowly making my way down to one bottle so I decided to call in a refill to a nearby-ish fertility pharmacy.

Me: “Hi, I’d like to refill my prescription of progesterone in oil.”

Pharmacy tech lady: “Name and birthdate?” (…after filling her in…) “Okay, hold on one minute.”

Random pharmacy man: “Hello, um…there has been a nationwide shortage of progesterone for several weeks now. There is a long backlist. Would you like me to add you to it?”

Me: (now panicking) “How long has this been going On? When will it be in? WHAT DO I DO?!?”

Pharmacy man: “Its been going on for several weeks now. Every week they say they are getting more in, and so far…nothing.”

I subsequently launched into full panic mode and told both the pharmacy and the clinic that I was appalled that neither thought to advice their patients who rely on the medication after having invested thousands of dollars and their hopes and dreams into one of these cycle, and my clinic launched into crisis control and called the pharmacy to find out if they could make a substitute blend of progesterone in ethyl oleate, as I then found out that just the progesterone in sesame oil was affected.  (The clinic said they were told that it is manufactured in Puerto Rico – you know – the small hurricane ravaged island that is part of the USA that our president refuses to acknowledge is as devestated as it is and has denied all kind of aid to – yeah, that one. I swear I didn’t need another reason to dislike him.) My doctor said he could eventually swap me to suppositories, but he doesn’t like to do that until a few weeks later when things feel more certain and confident.

The pharmacy then called me back to let me know that the progesterone in ethyl oleate would be ready today. He also said that 99% of insurance companies Don’t cover the ethyl oleate blend….but our does. Go figure.

We will totally take what we can get, though. The only thing that makes me nervous is that I have read about a slot of women having reactions to the ethyl oleate and that it may not be fully supported across the medical community. I do trust my doctor, but have concerns as well.

Has anyone ever used the progesterone in ethyl oleate? Good? Bad? How about olive or cottonseed oil? I plan to inquire about those next if I react to the EO.


(Wife giving me my injection)


In other news, we had our second beta test yesterday and my number increased as hoped to 341! I have my 3rd beta on Monday and an ultrasound shortly after as long as all continues to go well. I have begun having more regular cramping…similar to period cramps but very infrequent. No other symptoms.

Please keep the good vibes coming…we are not in the clear, yet!

Hugs and good wishes to all.


4 thoughts on “Progesterone In Oil Shortage

  1. Whoa, that’s a nightmare. I’m so glad they got you sorted with something at least. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly. And hey, awesome beta! May it continue to double 🙂 I had cramps that sound similar with Darwin and apparently it is common when your uterus starts to grow!


    1. Thank You! I figured the cramps were related to growth of the uterus: I peeked ahead in my app and evidently it doubles in size in the first few weeks. I have wanted this for so long and still can’t envision all of these changes to my body. It’s unbelievable!

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  2. My wife and I are 3DP3DT! I think that’s the right acronym lol
    I have been taking the progesterone in ethyl oleate for a week.I have to admit it hasn’t been that bad! After everything I read people made these shots sound terrible, but I have powered through with some small bruises and soreness.
    I am sending good vibes to you both ❤️
    Keep on keeping on😊

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    1. The lingo sounds perfect to me and congrats! I hope your embryo is hard at work finding a permanent (Well, 9 month-ish) home in there 😊

      Glad to hear you liked it. Yes…definitely think the shots are overrated. At first, my wife would ice my back (which would burn my skin and literally make me cry) and one day I said: just do it without the ice. I have a burn that is similar to when I get blood drawn at the doctor’s office when the needle goes in and after that: nothing. Can’t even feel it. Just some itchy/numb spots near the injection sites. I even did my own injections 3 times when I traveled last week (I totally meant to blog about that). Maybe it does really hurt some People, But I agree with you – not bad at all!

      Thanks for the good vibes: back at you both! 💜


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