Our second embryo transfer (first frozen embryo transfer) is on Friday. Today I had my final pre-transfer doctor’s visit, and it couldn’t have gone better.

The doctor came in flanked by his medical assistant and got right down to business with the ultrasound wand: as soon as he popped it in (literally, my head wasn’t even fully down on the table, yet) he exclaimed, “this is the BEST lining I have seen all day.”

Granted, I didn’t do much to get my lining into perfect shape but take the medication that they prescribed to me, when they told me to take it, but it was a compliment that I basked in for the entire hour drive home. My thighs might touch a little, my house may not be perfectly clean all the time, but damn it – my uterine lining was a 10 (literally and figuratively!)


(If you’re a GOT fan, I literally hate Baelish, but I totally made that face when we got into the car after the appointment…)

So, lining was great and around 3:30 I finally got the call about the rest of my bloodwork and follow up instructions. We waited for the call ALL DAY. After the appointment, we ran some errands, stopped by a few open houses (still looking!) and then headed over to my in-laws for dinner. Before we got there, I decided to run into the liquor store to pick up a bottle of wine for dinner (I just have a glass here and there – I haven’t been abstaining leading up to the transfer like I did the last time, as my doctor said there really isn’t any reason to do so as long as it’s consumed in moderation). My wife asked me to leave my phone in the car as she’d forgotten hers a home, so I asked her to take the call if the clinic were to ring while I was in the store. I couldn’t have been inside more than 4 minutes and once I got out, she let me know that they JUST hung up. So I asked her what they said, and she let me know that….SHE DIDN’T ANSWER THE PHONE!

She said she wasn’t sure what to say, and figured I could listen to the voicemail. About 10 seconds into the 1 minute and 30 second voicemail, the nurse mentioned that I should start taking methylprednisolone tonight – a prescription I didn’t have filled as I’d forgotten that I had taken it the last time (I literally only introduce it for the immediate few days before and after the transfer – it apparently helps prevent rejection of the embryo…at least, that’s what I think they told me back in September).

So it’s Sunday, the clinic is closed (their phone system always routes you to their emergency line on the weekends and they only work limited hours in the mornings on Saturdays and Sundays, so I’d imagined already that I was one of their last calls) and after a panicked two hours or so, I got a script called into a local 24 hour pharmacy, and now the pill is floating safely in my belly along with 2mg of estrogen, a prenatal vitamin, a baby asprin, a glass of water and a few Hershey’s kisses (you can’t take all of that on an empty stomach…right? 🙂 )

My wife is a saint. She patiently helped me make the phone calls to get the prescription called in while I was a miserable monster and yelled at her for not taking the call (but real talk: she did hold onto my phone in the event that the clinic called, and we could have had the script called in an hour sooner had we mentioned it to the nurse during the call…but it all worked out, and will likely make for a good story later when we tell our friends and family).

So now: I relax and enjoy this glorious week off from work and get some much needed meal prep and other chores done, and then enjoy family time on Thursday and soak up transfer day on Friday (and maybe do some online shopping, since it IS Black Friday after all!)

Fingers crossed. My heart gets more excited with the possibilities every single day, and then simultaneously terrified as I recall what happened the last time.

Please think of us, pray for us…put something good and loving out into the universe in our little embryo’s honor. We are grateful for everyone who has loved and supported us to-date, and we feel incredibly grateful for everyone who reads these posts: however rambly and incoherent they may be at times (it depends on how tired I am and how fast I’m trying to write, haha).

We are feeling a ton of love and gratitude this week (and always, but especially this week) As we reflect on this Thanksgiving holiday we just feel so incredibly fortunate to have our family, and our friends, and all of the wonderful people we have encountered in this last year – especially our fellow women on this fertility journey. Whether you are doing (or have done) IVF, IUI, or at home inseminations: whether you are straight, gay, married or single, in your mid-20s or mid 40s, whether you had (or will have) success on your first try, or your 10th: we see you, and we appreciate you. We will forever have an understanding, a common bond, a link…by this journey we are both on, and we wish for you all: perfectly timed ovulation, high embryo counts, good HCG numbers, a full ultrasound screen, two pink lines, and everything you want, really. And if things don’t go well and the news isn’t good – I look forward to talking about it, and appreciate all of the kind words when we got our bad news in September.

When we pray at night for good news, we pray twice: once for us, and once for all of you. Hopefully our prayers are answered, soon. ❤


We’ll update you on the other side of transfer.


6 thoughts on “Thankful.

  1. This is beautiful! You captured all the lovely feels that I regularly get reading your blog. I’ve been there – the missed call, the instruction that came when the clinic was already closed, the panic as you realize one tiny detail might turn the whole process into a no-go… such madness. I am THRILLED for you two. Very good vibes coming your way. Also… if you’re willing, I’d love to see more pics of your growing family. When you read so much about someone you feel like you know them a bit 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes, there are a few people in the blogosphere who I enjoy following and feel as though are old friends. I am waiting to post pictures until we wrap everything up with our insurance co. We are planning a face-to-face appeal and I dont think anything here would help them (in fact, I am pretty confident that nothing here would) and I also don’t know if they search for blogs, but I figured better to be safe than sorry. But yes…real photos (not just vague shots from our wedding) coming soon!! ☺

      Liked by 1 person

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