The week is here!!

We each had checkups yesterday (ultrasound and bloodwork…the new usual) and got calls from our nurse in the afternoon about next steps.

My wife currently has follicles averaging between 9 and 15 (millimeters? I don’t know what the unit of measure was, but 9 and 14 were the numbers they gave us) and they said that the necessary size for retrieval is between 18-23. (Side note: after reading as many blogs as I have, I really thought by this point that I’d have the IVF lingo down pat, but I still feel like I’m struggling to remember the terms every day!!)

They anticipate her going to retrieval on Tuesday at the earliest, and Thursday at the latest. As long as the embryos develop as they are supposed to, my transfer would be about five days after: so sometime between Saturday and Monday of next week.

My ultrasound and bloodwork went well – I thought my estrogen level of somewhere around 260 was high, until my wife told me that hers were over 800. We’ve made a competitive joke out of who has bigger follicles, higher estrogen levels, and more shots – but I told her that if this goes the way it is supposed to, I’m totally okay with her levels being higher right now.

Our doctor was on vacation during our last appointment, but the nurse who did our ultrasounds and bloodwork noticed a small pocket of fluid in my uterus – she asked if I was still bleeding (I wasn’t – it stopped over a week ago) and she said that perhaps it was mucous (gross!) and when our nurse called me later with my results, she said that she isn’t too concerned but that they’d evaluate me the same day as my wife’s retrieval and if the pocket is still there, they’ll watch it closely but continue on with our plan and have me start the progesterone that evening.

Last week, my wife and one of the only friends we have clued into this process (the one who is also part of the IVF club) went to pick up our sperm and drop it off at the clinic. This woman is a saint: she’s struggling on her own IVF journey, and she willingly took off half a day from work with my wife (since I don’t have the ability to do so right now) and accompanied her around town with what is essentially a gigantic icicle capsule that is the current home to our tiny vial of sperm, and she was greeted by messages of “congratulations” and “hello Mrs. ____” (they thought that she was me at the clinic and the sperm bank since it wasn’t the office we normally go to for our clinic, and I’d never been to the sperm bank).

We were hoping to save $200+ by picking up the sperm ourselves, but my wife ended up getting a $70 parking ticket outside of the cryobank’s office, so I suppose that $130 and a bunch of hilarious stories will have to suffice.

Next up is a 10am appointment tomorrow, during or shortly after which we will be advised on which day my wife’s retrieval will be. Either way, SO CLOSE!

Keep sending us your positive vibes, prayers, or whatever you use to send love out into the world – because we can use them and will be so grateful (and of course – back at you all as well!)

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