Everybody: shots, shots, shots!

My wife had her first round of shots last night: menopure and gonal-f. The menopure is a series of two vials that have to be mixed by drawing out a liquid, injecting it into a vial with powder, and making a solution before switching out the top of the needle to one that is suitable for the injection itself. The gonal-f is just a pen-like apparatus that she has to adjust to the correct number before injecting it. So far, no symptoms but she did tell me that she can taste the medication after injecting them (which I don’t know is actually happening or is just in her mind, but she did have major surgery a few years ago and was on a lot of IV meds at the time, and she claimed that the same happened back then, so I suppose it is possible, but the meds get injected into her belly area – no where close to her mouth). She is really bummed that I won’t be here for the next 4 days to give them to her, as she’s terrified of this entire needle process, but I head out in a few hours for another work trip (ugh).

She had her big baseline visit on Friday (she had one last month when she started the birth control) and I had a check-in as well. My uterine lining is thickening and my estrogen levels have gone up (the nurse gave me specific numbers, but they’re packed in my work bag, so the fact that “all looks good” will have to suffice) and she had something like 18 visible follicles (which sounds good, but she is at the “bottom” of her cycle, so we expect that number to drastically increase as she gets closer to the retrieval date). All we are really hoping/praying at this point is that the retrieval goes well and we get a few extra viable embryos above and beyond the one that our doctor will transfer. (Side note: our doctor said that it is against this particular clinic’s practice to implant more than one embryo at a time. They think doing so is irresponsible and doesn’t increase your odds of conceiving as much as it does increase your odds of conceiving multiples, which puts you Β in the category of “high risk” pretty much immediately). I am no medical professional so I don’t really have thoughts on that one way or the other, but my wife and I said going into all of this that we didn’t want twins, so we’re perfectly happy with that policy. In all honestly, I think she wouldn’t be sad if we had twins (she has a twin brother and I think she’d love to have that “twin bond” with our kids) but as the one carrying this pregnancy, I’d be a little terrified.

Anyway, this entire conversation is a little premature, as we don’t even know if we’ll get ONE viable embryo. This next week is going to be tough – her transfer is looking like it will be next week (the 14th or 15th) and we’re also still contemplating putting in an offer on that house (you guys: it’s SO perfect for us!) so between all of my medications and that waiting, my stomach is going to be in a semi-permanent state of upheavel and I am going to be sitting on the edge of my chair biting my nails (in a lot of training sessions that I’ve already seen multiple times now, so my mind will have plenty of opportunities to wander).

Please send any positive thoughts and vibes you may have in our direction, and similar positive energy back at you all!!

In the meantime…..


Haha, just kidding. More like this…


8 thoughts on “Everybody: shots, shots, shots!

  1. My wife and I just had our first consultation with the fertility clinic to get information on reciprocal in vitro! I am so glad I came across your blog! I have read all of your posts this a.m. Cannot wait to hear how things go in the next week! Sending good vibes your way ❀


    1. Yayyy!! So exciting for you both. We had our first clinic appointment back in February and knew we wanted to wait until now to get started, but the last few months have FLOWN!! If you anticipate starting right away, I’m sure it will go equally as quick. So so so many positive thoughts and wishes to you both!! 😊😊🀞🀞


  2. Sending positivity and luck your way! We are a few weeks behind y’all and I’m glad thankful that you’re sharing your story as well. All of this is uncharted territory for so many of us and having a bit of a guide sure is great! Thanks for sharing and best wishes!

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    1. Oh gosh, thank you for sharing! Sometimes I wonder if it’s helpful to anyone…I write imagining that someone, somewhere is out there reading some of this, but mostly so I can look back on it in the future to recall the big things for friends and family. You’d be surprised how easily you forget the little details when you don’t write them down. So much luck and positive vibes to you guys as well. This is sometimes such a rough process….especially when you’re cracking open your wallet for several thousand dollars worth of sperm and somebody you know announces that they are accidentally pregnant for the third time. 😣😣😣 This blogging world has opened our eyes to so many other couples like us, though, and has helped us to feel so much less alone. Hope this process is smooth and simple for you! Definitely keep in touch ☺

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      1. Thank you! It’s definitely a great way to document and process it all at the same time. We are keeping all of this pretty much hush hush until we are pregnant so it helps so much to have someone you can relate to.


  3. Hey there, sounds like things are moving along nicely! In regards to your wife tasting the meds, it’s definitely possible. I have not tasted any of my subcutaneous injections (used to do them daily for multiple sclerosis) but each year when I get my brain and spine MRI’s they start an IV and give me contrast dye and I definitely taste that even though it’s injected in my arm. It tastes metallic and thankfully only lasts a few seconds. Best of luck to you and your wife.


    1. She felt so vindicated by your comment…haha! (She said something along the lines of, “I TOLD you!! I’m NOT the only one!!”) That sounds awful…none of these meds appear as though they would smell particularly appetizing. As a side note, I have been following your blog as well and hoping for good news for you guys!! 🀞🀞❀


      1. Haha, it’s definitely a strange quirk. At first when I tasted the medication I thought I was imagining it. But the tech asked me once if I tasted it. I was like “yes! How did you know?!” Apparently it happens. Bodies are weird.

        Thanks for the support, it’s been a roller coaster for us. I really hope now that we are through all of the testing and procedures that we will get good news soon. I was just checking in hoping that you and your wife had heard anything about when your IVF procedure would be. Hope it is a success. πŸ™‚


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