Speeding up…

Shortly after I posted yesterday, my wife came in and said “Houston we have a…” and a million problems started racing through my mind. “Is the toilet broken again?” “Is the dishwasher making a funny noise?” “Did the handle finally fall off of the kitchen sink?” “Did the dog get sick?” (I swear, we keep our house up but it seems like every time something is in working order, something else breaks.) Fortunately, before I had the chance to launch into full blown panic mode, she followed her statement up with, “….period.” (Cue the little confetti explosion emojis that I would insert here if I was typing this from my phone). So we called the clinic and let them know and will probably hear back with an appointment time for her first thing Monday morning. Which means that unless something happens to drastically take us off course, the projected dates that the nurse gave us on Friday should hold true which means that we COULD POSSIBLY be pregnant by the middle of August. (I almost don’t want to even say that because a million things could go wrong, but that’s the hopeful projection).

That was our big wild card because although my wife said that her period COULD be coming this weekend, it tends to be somewhat unpredictable (even if tracked) so we were pretty freaking excited when that happened.

This is likely to be a fast paced week. By Tuesday we should hear about: my wife’s baseline blood/ultrasound appointment, the date for my hysterosonogram and mock transfer, AND whether or not there will be ANY additional coverage from the ins co.

Fingers and toes crossed that everything we find out is good news, but either way: we’re getting so close!!

Finally, I’m going to try to include more photos because, well, who doesn’t like photos? I mentioned a while back that I love sewing, so I thought I’d post some of the things I’ve made recently. These are bibs and burp cloths for my niece (who has really bad acid reflux and is currently burning through bibs faster than my sister can get them) and some toddler bibs and a blanket for a coworkers new baby 🙂 (I don’t habe baby fever….YOU have baby fever! 😂😂)


2 thoughts on “Speeding up…

  1. It’s so funny when you go through this process and get excited about a period. Things will feel like they are slowing down during stims but once it is all said and done will definitely feel like it flew by. Good luck over the next few weeks!! It’s a wild ride!!


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