Not exciting, but excited.

Nothing new and exciting in the world of becoming moms to report on, but still can’t seem to calm my nerves (excitement – not anxiety). We had our first fertility doctor visit almost a month ago, now, and we have our next in two weeks (I think I mentioned previously that they schedule really far out). We figured we are going to be spending a bit of time (and a lot of money) on whatever treatment(s) we pursue, so we want to feel completely confident with the doctor and staff of the practice we utilize, and we just weren’t getting that warm and fuzzy feeling from doctor #1. I found them via a google search for good fertility clinics for lesbians, but the next two are coming at the recommendations of close friends.

We also had a nice opportunity to have dinner last weekend with a really sweet girl I went to college with and her wife (who was equally as sweet, for the record 🙂 – they are our age (I guess, obviously since we went to college together) and have twin girls who are just a little older than our first niece. We asked them so many questions and found out that they used one of the two doctors who we are planning to use (coincidentally) and we were thrilled to pick their brains about their experiences with him.We have amazingly supportive friends, but it was really nice to sit across the table from people who really understood our upcoming journey and could appreciate our excitement about selecting a sperm donor (and felt comfortable talking about sperm donors and inseminations in general – sorry to the table next to us who probably now also understand on an intimate level how it all works 🙂

I literally cannot wait for the next appointments and to finally have a solid grasp on where things will fall financially. Even though we are really committed to waiting until later in the year to start this process, there is a HUGE part of me who just wants to get knowing: to know that my uterus (and related parts) all work, and know that we are not completely broke after the process – you know?

We have a lot of things coming up in the next few months (another new niece, several weddings – including one for my BEST friend of 30 years/ my entire life, work events, our other niece’s first birthday party, and so many things that are going to make our life feel so full, and rich, and jam packed with love that we really don’t even need to THINK about this, but I spend at least a few hours a week researching donors, pinning patterns for baby things that I want to sew (a light hobby that I dedicate to my nieces in the meantime), and working (and reworking) the budget to accommodate any number of possibilities we are faced with.

Hopefully I don’t completely lose my mind before appointment #2!

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